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squares ruined america

So lately, I've been really into applying colors to stuff that normally I would just keep black and white, so here goes.
This is basically a groin, and some scissors. I had an awful, awful dream that this kind of resulted from. I think it's because I've been reading about the whole castration thing in Africa, I can't remember which country.

Also, I went to Fuck Yeah Fest on Saturday with some friends — it was amazing. Nobunny, Woods, Mika Miko, and especially the Black Lips were absolutely a-a-awesome.

I gave Ian from the Black Lips a print I made (will post later due to scanning issues) and he seemed to like it/threw a Colt 45 at my head, which I hear is a sign of endearment these days.

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Very nice. You aren't just coloring like a coloring book but thinking like a painter. Shapes, textures.

It would be nice to see more curved lines. There are no straight lines in the human body. am into Egon Schiele as well.

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